What is CS:GO?

What is CS:GO?

CS:Go, also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a first-person multiplayer shooting game. The game is developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve, and is the fourth addition to a series of Counter-Strike games.


The game has attracted players from all over the world, and the number monthly average users is around 11 million. The game is accessible to most, as it is compatible with Xbox 360, OS X, Windows and PlayStation 3. However we normally see professional e-Sport games use computers in competitions and tournaments.


How does CS:GO work?

In the game you will see two teams fighting against each other. Each team consists of five players, and they all have certain challenges, tasks and objectives to finish in order to win. The two teams pitted against each other represents the role of (T) terrorists and the (CT) counter-terrorist. The counter-terrorist team normally has to stop the terrorist before they finish their tasks and vice versa.


The game offers different modes for players to enjoy, however the professional leagues and matches always use the five-on-five Competitive mode, also known as 5on5. The objective change based on which mode is being played, and in this mode the terrorist team has to plant and detonate a bomb, or alternatively take out the whole CTs team in order to win the round.


The CTs goal is to defuse the bomb if planted, or take out the whole terrorist team. Whoever finished their objective first, wins the round. Each match consists of 30 fairly short rounds, where each individual round has to finish before one minute and 55 seconds has gone by. The overall match win is given to the first team who wins a total of 16 rounds.


The in-game currency system is also an important factor. As a team wins each player in said team is gifted rewards. It is also possible to gain rewards for using certain weapons or killing enemies in the opposite team. The rewards can be used to purchase new features and tools in game, such as grenades and guns. This will again increase their chances of winning the following rounds.


What is CS:GO skins?

Weapons in Cs:Go can change appearance by using the cosmetic item “skin”. Skins will not improve the stats of the weapon, but simply change their appearance. Players can obtain skins by opening cases that sometimes show up in the game. In order to open these cases the player has to have a key, which can be purshade in came. The skins are given at random, and each case contains a different range of weapons and skins.


Some skins are counted as higher quality than others, whereas some are rare and some are common. Some of the most rare skins are those meant for gloves and knives. Obtaining a covert skin is common. The in-game skins have value in the real world as well as in the game. They are traded, sold and very south-after on the streams marketplace.


Does CS:GO have rankings?

Yes, CS:GO do have rankings which are relevant for players who game competitively and professionally. When playing competitively the game will match each player up with opponents that are of a similar skill level or ranking. To obtain a ranking you have to have won 10 competitive matches. The rankings range from Silver 1 which is the lowest ranking, to the highest Global Elite.


Are there any CS:GO events?

CS:GO events are popular all over the world, and enthusiasts often travel far to be a part of the major events and matches. The CS:GO Major Championships are the biggest and most popular events. These events are sponsored by the creator of the game, and the first event took place back in 2013 in Sweden. The first championship features 16 different teams who all competed for the grand first prize.


Over the years these championships have grown bigger with a large prize pool for whoever wins the overall round. As the game has increased in popularity, we now see a number of events occurring all around the globe. IEM Katowice and One Cologne are two popular events.


Who is the best CS:GO player and team?

Whereas the French player ZyWOo from team Vitality was crowned the best player in 2019, it is the Danish team Astralis who sits on the most wins. This team has won four championships, making them the most successful esports CS:Go team.


The title for best CS:GO player of all time however, has been given to the Ukranian player s1mple. As the game and matches increase in popularity, we are bound to see new names pop up in the near future. Many players have been able to make a career and living of their CS:GO skills.


Fans are able to follow their favorite team and players on streaming networks such as Twitch. Here you’ll find numerous players streaming their games throughout the year. It is also possible to watch live events on platforms such as YouTube, where you also can find a large range of CS:GO content.



CS:GO is a first person multiplayer video game, where you play as either the terrorist or the counter terrorist. Each team consists of five players, and each team has their own tasks and objectives to finish in order to win the round. Most players find a lot of joy and entertainment in watching and playing the game, and the most skilled gamers have made a career and living based on their skills.


There are several championships and CS:GO events taking place all over the world. Whichever team is the first to win 16 out of 30 rounds, is announced the winner of the match. CS:GO is the fourth release in the very popular Counter Strike series, and it doesn’t look like the hype or enthusiasm will slow down any time soon.