Guide to eSports betting

Guide to eSports betting


eSports competitions have increased in popularity these past few years. Even though tournaments started to show up in the early 2000s, eSports betting is a fairly new way to play with odds and bets. As the iGaming industry developed better and increasingly impressive games, gamers and enthusiasts from all over the world started getting more involved.


Today we see a number of games sporting their own championships and tournaments, where sponsors, professional teams, coaches and analysts all take part in these prestigious events. Betting on eSports can be done by anyone, but with a little bit of knowledge and understanding of the games you will increase your winning chances. We are going to take a closer look at how eSports betting works, and how you can get involved.


Which games can I bet on?

The iGaming industry is constantly seeing new additions of thrilling games. However there are a few long standing fan favorites with their own competitions and championships. Among the most popular games we find legendary titles such as CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone.


CS:GO is one of the most popular video games, and is a favorite among eSports betters. Throughout the year you’ll see several CS:GO events, such as their own special Championship. CS:GO is a multiplayer first person shooting game, where two teams fight against each other. The terrorist vs the counter terrorist, makes this game a thrill to watch and play.


The most popular eSport game, however, is League of Legends, also known as LOL. This game was released in 2009 and embraces lively visuals and an innovative design. LOL is just as fun to watch as it is to play yourself, and there are numerous competitions and matches available for eSports betters to enjoy.


If you are looking for a real strategy game, StarCraft 2 might be the right choice for you. This title is the second released in the popular series from Blizzard Entertainment. StarCraft 2 has a large fan base consisting of both player enthusiasts as well as eSports betters. This game brings you the perfect balance of strategy and science fiction.


Betting advice for eSports

As you’ve probably figured out by now, there are numerous games to bet on when it comes to eSports betting. Each game is different and comes with their own advantages and challenges. Before placing a bet it is vital that you understand the premise of the game and get acquainted with relevant teams, players and tournaments. This will give you a better chance at placing the winning bets.


A lot of beginners choose to watch different tournaments and matches to get a feel of the game. Finding a game you enjoy will make eSport betting that much more entertaining. Whilst observing the match you might be able to recognize certain strategies and attractive odds in that particular game.


Once you have found a game or a team you would like to bet on and start observing, it is important to pay attention to any changes within the game or team. Small changes such as key patches or roster chances can be significant. Teams often travel around the world to completive and sometimes team members are replaced. Make sure that you know who’s playing the different matches and stay up-to-date on any changes.


One of the best tips in eSport betting, is to watch the games and matches you are betting on. If you wish, you may place more than one bet in the same match. By doing so you have the opportunity to play with different tactics and strategies. Starting out with a straightforward bet is common, but it is possible to cancel this out by betting on the opposing team, depending on the outcome of the match.


eSport betting tips

Before getting involved and placing a bet, you should learn as much as you possibly can about the match, game and players. If you watch a MOBA game, you will be able to observe the drafting phase before placing a bet. If you have enough knowledge, you will be able to see which team drafted better, and place your bet accordingly.


It may be wise to pay attention to players in different tournaments. How was their last performance and recent results? If you are placing a bet on either one of two teams, it is important to look up the team’s history and previous match-ups.


eSports odds

If you are looking to start betting on eSports there are different types of odds and bets you should be acquainted with: Straight odds, outright winner and live betting.


The most straightforward type of bet is the straight odds. Here you will bet on a draw or a winner. Outright winner is about predicting the overall winner of the tournament, before the first game has been played. The last bet, live betting, allows you to place odds whilst the match is happening. You can watch the match in real-time, and change odds depending on which team is taking the lead.



eSports betting is a fun activity for any gamer looking to apply their knowledge into betting. Some eSports betters enjoy the thrill of live betting, as it can make tournaments more exciting. Anyone can get into eSports betting, but knowing the basics of the games and teams will definitely give you an advantage.


To learn more about eSports and how a particular game works, you can always check out streamers on Twitch or educational videos on YouTube. The iGaming industry has a large online community, and there are many entertaining resources available online. Many betters start out by familiarizing themselves with one specific game, which might be a good option for beginners.


eSports betters range from casino enthusiasts, high-roller, gamers and eSports fans. Some bet causally while others have been able to obtain big payouts. We hope that this guide has made the world of eSport betting a little more understandable and has given you the tools needed to make the most of your next bet.