CS:GO Betting

CS:GO Betting

CS:GO has become one of the most popular eSport games to bet on. Part of what makes this game so popular, is that it’s just as exciting to play as it is thrilling to watch.


Placing bets on your favorite teams, keeping up with individual players and professional tournaments, and being able to cash out winnings, keeps the action rolling from game to game. We have prepared a guide for anyone interested in CS:GO eSports betting.


What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO is one of the most popular video games currently on the market. The game is a multiplayer first-person shooting game, where two teams are pitted against one another. Each game consists of five players, and each team has to complete certain objectives and tasks to win.


One of the teams takes on the role of Terrorists, also called TS, while the other team plays the part of Counter-Terrorist, or CTS. There are different modes that can be played with different objectives, but in competitive CS:GO the Ts have to detonate and plant a bomb in a certain location to win. They can also win if they take out every single player on the opposite team.


The CTs objective is always to defuse the bomb after its planted, or alternatively take out every player on the Ts team. Whoever finishes their objective first, is crowned the winner of that round. Each game consists of 30 rounds, and each round  lasts a maximum of 1 minute and 55 seconds. Whichever team is the first to win 16 rounds, is the winner of the match.


How do you bet on CS:GO?

Betting options might vary depending on which eSports betting platform you use, and what matches are in play. Finding a platform that offers several betting lines and markets is the goal, as it enhances your betting experience. You might also want to look for a platform that offers live odds and live streaming of all the major CS:Go events.


We are now going to take a look at some betting markets you can enjoy, but remember that all of them might not be available depending on season and which sportsbook you are registered to.


Match winner

Match winner is the main market for CS:GO betting, and it’s the easiest to understand. You select which team you think will win the entire match, either Team A or Team B.


Map winner

Map winner is similar to match winner, but instead you select the team that you think will win a specific map. Start off by selecting the map you want to bet on and place your bet on the team you think will win that map.


Maps handicap

Maps handicap is a bit more complicated, however it can be useful if the odds are short and a team is favored to win. The objective in handicap betting is to place an advantage on the underdog or a disadvantage on the team that is the favorite to win.


If Team B are the favored team, their maps handicap could for example be set at -1.5. When the match starts Team B will start on -1.5 map wins, and must win the match with a 2-0 result in order for your bet to count or come in.


The same principle goes for the underdogs. In this scenario Team B would get a handicap of +1.5, starting the out with 1.5 map wins. They would only need to win one map before your bet comes in.


Map 1/2/3 round handicap

In this market you place a handicap on round wins, instead of on a map wins. You choose a specific map to place your bet on.


Whichever team is favored to win map 1, could for example have a handicap of -2.5. They then have to win the map by three rounds, as they are beginning the map on -2.5 round wins.


The underdogs will have a handicap of +2.5 rounds, and your bet will come in if they lose by under three rounds.


In-play betting

Some sportsbook lets you bet on a match while it’s happening, as well as before the match starts. Betting during an ongoing match is called in-play betting and this is a very popular option.


The reason why many betters enjoy this tactic is because they can place your bets depending on how the teams are performing as the rounds go on. Finding a sportsbook that lets you stream the match live is a big advantage here.


Correct score

The correct score is a map that lets you bet on the exact score of the finished map. Your sportsbook of choice will give you four different options, and you select whichever score you predict.



The map pool

In the current competitive CS:GO map pool, there are seven maps that competing teams can choose from. Each team picks and bans maps before a match starts, leaving three maps to make up the match.


In order to succeed with CS:GO betting, it is important that you understand the different teams preferences when it comes to maps. Knowing which team favors which map, will let you know who sits on the advantage before the match even starts.


Online vs LAN matches and tournaments

Matches either happen during tournaments on a stage, also called LAN, or on an online network. Most betters prefer the LAN tournaments, as these are more thrilling and exciting to watch.


Meta and stats

CS:GO is an active eSport which results in meta changes through the year. Meta is a phrase used to describe which weapons and strategies that are the most effective at this point in time. Some teams benefit more from these changes than others.



When betting on CS:GO is it vital that you have an understanding of the game, the different teams and their strengths and weaknesses. Finding a sportsbook that provides you with live odds, news updates and other CS:GO racecourse, will be helpful for those starting out with CS:GO for the first time.


Remember that betting markets may vary depending on different matches and which sportsbook you sign up to. By familiarizing yourself with the different markets, teams and tournaments, you will find betting on CS:GO much more enjoyable and exciting. Good luck!