Counterstrike Classic Offensive is nostalgic

You might have heard about Counterstrike Global Offensive, but have you ever heard about Counterstrike Classic Offensive? If not, we will guide you through this high adrenaline game. It gives you anything you need to play Counterstrike just like back in the good old days.


The first release of Counterstrike was in November 2000. A lot of gamers were very happy the day it came out, and since this date, there has been a lot of players that have found the game exciting. Counterstrike Classic Offensive is the game you want to experience today.


Did you team up with friends, or did you play the original game just by yourself? Maybe you wanted to explore the map or get the best possible weapons that were available at that time? Well, you will surely be able to do the same with the Counterstrike Classic Offensive.

The different gaming modes

Counterstrike Classic Offensive brings back the old roots and is a gaming mod for Counterstrike Global Offensive. You will in other words get the original version of the game, but this time it will be with improvements from the new version of the game Counterstrike.


You will have access to all the possible gaming modes, and this alone will give you all the entertainment that you need in your daily life. The competitive mode and the demolition mode let you experience CS: CO with the original versions, which gives a nostalgic feeling.


There are other gaming modes you can try out as well on the Counterstrike Classical Offensive game. You will learn that all the possible gaming modes will teach you more skills in addition to those you already know from before. Develop your skills today on CS: CO.

Download Counterstrike Classic Offensive

If you want to play Counterstrike Classic Offensive, then you do have some options to choose from. You can either wait for the release, which is coming to steam, or you could download the version that is available out there from the community. Try it out today!


The last option includes a lot of previous patches that were made to create the nostalgic feeling in Counterstrike. Some of them are outdated, but you can still download them. The current version of the mod is in a .rar mode which you need to upload on Counterstrike.


The file size for the mod is around 365 MB and has about 10,475 downloads to this day. This number will of course be exceeded unless there will be new patches that will come out before the original release on Steam. Get your Counterstrike Classical Offensive patch now!


If you are new to the Counterstrike Classical Offensive game, then do not worry. You will learn and adapt quickly to the game, since it is not far from Counterstrike Global Offensive. You will get plenty of options and the gaming modes will help you achieve all of your possible goals. Everything is possible with the Counterstrike Classical Offensive game patch.

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