Amazing Facts About the Counterstrike Game

Counterstrike is one of the few video games that has held its popularity over recent years. Since it hit the market in 2012, it has remained popular through different generations. If CS: GO is among your favorite games, these amazing facts are worth keeping in memory.

The Big One Million in March, 2020

It’s not easy for an online game to have millions of players concurrently. However, for CS: GO, the target came easy once Valve made the game free-to-play. The game had attracted at least 20 million players monthly since 2019. Still, March 2020 was a significant time as it reached 1,023,229 concurrent players.

The Dominating Astralis

It is just as important to be known as champions in online gaming as in other traditional sports. The Danes carved out a name for themselves in 2018 when they won against Natus Vincere. This was in London during the grand final. 2019 marked a historic season for the team, being the second to win back-to-back. Astralis dominated in ranking all through the year but had a minor shake-up when Liquid topped for a moment. They, however, took back their position later in the Berlin StarLadder Major, making them the first team to hold the title thrice concurrently.

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Most Resilient in Esport Professional Tournaments

Video games gained significant popularity when they started holding international tournaments like other physical sports. CS: GO has a record of the most professional eSport events among existing ones. The tournament’s number stood at 4,984 as of June 2020. Its most competitive rivals, such as Melee and Super Smash Bros, are behind CS: GO by half. Tournaments players have taken home well over $100 million, and the amount is nowhere near slowing down any time soon.

Millions of Watch Time

The game has as many fans as any other live sport. In April 2020, it had 86.4 million watched hours, thanks to Twitch users. January 2018 comes second with 69.5 million hours. One of its appealing factors is that live tournaments go on 24/7 globally.

ZywOo, the King of CS: GO

Every game has its master, and ZywOo holds this title for CS: GO. The French champion has the best rating with his number two, S1mple following closely behind. However, S1mple has more maps advantage making him known as a true legend, a title he held for several years before ZywOo. The current star has more maps to cover to be as significant as his predecessor. Hopefully, he will retain his seat.

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