CS:GO is the ultimate experience

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CS:GO or Counterstrike: Global Offensive is the ultimate gaming experience you can have a lot of fun with. Many people still play this strategic game, although it was released back in 2012. Counterstrike: Global Offensive is a result of the first Counterstrike game which was released back in 1999.


This fantastic game is often used within e-sports and you can be sure that this game is very competitive. Some people will even say that it is more competitive than FIFA. With the different game modes, you will be able to enjoy CS:GO with many of your friends online.


All the tactics you can choose from in Counterstrike: Global Offensive are created for you to trick your enemies and make them fall for your tactics. In this way, you will have a better advantage and take control over the game. Try this out in the different game modes today!


In Counterstrike Global Offensive you need to have good reactions and movements. Above all of this, your skills are truly important. If you want to land a hit, you need to move with good speed and don`t let your opponent see that you’re closing in on him. Try CS:GO now!

Different game modes

As you know by now, Counterstrike Global Offensive do contain some of the traditional game modes from the first Counterstrike game. There are of course many more gaming modes in CS:GO such as Wingman and Demolition. These are the perfect gaming modes.


The competitive game mode was the first game mode that put Counterstrike on the map. This has been the leading game mode for several years now. In this gaming mode you will have a team of five players that involves two teams. The winner of 16 rounds wins at last.


In the Wingman game mode, you will be in a 2 versus 2 where the best team of 16 rounds will take the win. This is more unlike the competitive game mode. Skills in this game mode are very important to use, therefore you should bring a friend that equals to your own skills.


If you really want to experience Counterstrike Global Offensive in the best possible way, then you should try out the demolition game mode. This demands that players both attacks and defends a site in many series. In Demolition you will experience a high speed of play.

Tactics you can use

In CS:GO you will need to know all the maps and places within the game. Instead of thinking of losses, you should turn that around to experience. That is how you can win over your opponents in future rounds. Know the map where you are playing and lay tactics in advance.


One of the greatest tactics to use is your position. Your position or your teams’ position should always be different for each round you play in Counterstrike Global Offensive. Some enemies will get used to your position if you keep using the same position over and over again.


Another tactic to try out in CS:GO is to use heavy firearms that can damage the opponent with less than a few tries. That will make you save some of your ammunition. Grenades and other options are good to use as well but know that you have a limitation to ammunition.


Tactics in CS:GO will give you an advantage over your opponent or your teams opponents. The last but not least tactic is to time everything perfectly from the start. You need to find the best corners to shield yourself against your opponents and ambush them from behind.


Weapons, Equipment, and Combat

The weapon purchase system is slightly different in CS:GO. It works in a way where you will start with a limited amount of cash at the start of round 1. After the rounds are played, you will earn more money so you can purchase better weapons for the next coming rounds.


Your opponents will have the access to the same weapons as you, so make sure that you do have some equipment to protect yourself from the same weapons that you use. You should also include a rescue kit, just in case something should happen to the rest of your team.


You must be aware when you are in a combat that you have good movement and can run as fast as you need. This would mean that you can`t carry heavy firearm, unless you are backup up your teammates in the background. If you carry a pistol, you will be able to move quickly.


No matter what you decide to do, all the players in Counterstrike Global Offensive do have their own characters. This makes it even more fun, since you can play the game in different situations. Maybe you want to be a sniper, or maybe you want to be the medical help.

The best platforms to play CS:GO

Counterstrike Global Offensive was created as a multiplayer first-person shooter video game which is available on platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. These are all well-known platforms that you can use to get the best experience from CS:GO.


On platforms like Microsoft Windows and MacOS, you will get a really good experience if you have the right specifications to play CS:GO in the best possible tempo. That includes the highest possible resolution, a RAM memory of at least 2 GB and an HDD 15 GB of free space.


On the PlayStation 3, you will notice that it is slightly different from Windows and MacOS. Here you will have the option of playing 1 player, whereas the MacOS and Windows offers you multiplayer functions. The graphics will also be different, but the gameplay is the same.


If you are not sure about which one of these platforms you want to play on, then you should consider factors such as playing with your team, the tactics you want to use and how fast you want the gameplay to be. It all comes down to your personal interest and preference.